Dear Partners,

Two years elapsed since the burst of the pandemic, and what a dramatic impact on our lives! Initially hard measures and restrictions, followed by concentrated efforts of scientists, and finally the achievement of adequate vaccination that permits the cautious return to normality both business and social wise.  Two years later, we are paying visits to our customers, planning face-to-face meetings at congresses and looking more optimistically into the future. 

Hanita Lenses concluded 2021 successfully due to strong sales of its premium products, especially the INTENSITY technology, but not only. Sales were particularly strong in leading markets such as Argentina, South Korea, Japan, France, Colombia and Taiwan. Our global revenues increased by 19%, with premium accounting for 50%. With the growing focus on premium, Hanita Lenses has realized an impressive increase of 45% in the premium category over 2020.

Our expectations for 2022 are high!  We plan to invest more resources to advance our development efforts, expand our global clinical studies, place more emphasis on our marketing activities, and resume the execution of our long-term strategy that includes M&A’s.  Finally, we will continue to invest in our human resource – the key to our success!

Last but not least, we are deeply saddened by the events in Eastern Europe.  We believe that the people of Ukraine deserve to live in a safe environment with proper access to medical treatment. We pray this war ends soon!




Yoram Gonen |CEO



Clinical article – 1080x1080


Journal of Refractive Surgery

Visual Performance of a Novel Optical Design of a New Multifocal Intraocular Lens


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Iberica – 1080x1080


Hanita Iberica

Hanita Lenses, announced a new joint venture with Ophthalmic Vision Care (OVC), Madrid-Spain


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