Give your patients the freedom to

SEE beyond with
FullRange optics

  • SAFE

    • Predictable results
    • Reduced side effects

    • Maintains contrast sensitivity
    • Reduced YAG & touch-ups
    • Reduced stray light

    • Crisp and sharp vision
    • Full-range vision

Stay ahead of the ophthalmology trends
in 2018


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Over the next few years, the global eye care market will be shaped by a number of factors that include the world’s ageing population, the need to treat more patients in less time, a demand for premium solutions, a growing patient demand for quality of vision, and a changing market approach.

As an ophthalmologist, it’s really important that you stay ahead of these trends and are equipped to offer your patients an excellent end-to-end experience with improved postop outcomes and less downtime following surgery.

FullRange lenses are proven, highly-reliable and safe intraocular implants designed to provide a solution for presbyopia while reducing known complications associated with diffractive lenses.