Michal Snir | Sales and Marketing Director


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Despite the difficult year that we encountered, which included closures and new COVID-19 variants, it was quite a roller coaster of a year. Despite the challenges, we still have been able to demonstrate some positive steps forward.

In the last Q of 2020, we had begun the launch of Intensity Lens; and in 2021, in some countries where we have already received registration we reaped the benefits.

In Japan, there are currently more than 50 surgeons using Intensity and Intensity Toric as their “lens of choice”. We have recently begun implantations of Intensity Toric in Japan and Israel; and we will soon expand to other countries.

South Korea is also a very premium market, in the last quarter, we have received registration and now have begun implantations.

As for the continuing growth of premium lenses in almost all markets, this has particularly been witnessed in Taiwan with the introduction to Hanita Vistor Toric.

Looking Forward to a COVID-Free 2022.


        Hilton Nathan | Sales and Marketing Director

(APAC & Africa)


Hanita had a great 2021 in Latam & Iberia!

What an amazing distribution network we have! I thank them all for their extraordinary efforts to promote Hanita products in their markets.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, our sales were high; and we increased our market share in many countries.

In difficult times like these, customers increasingly rely upon our technology and quality products. 

An increasing number of people are using our innovative Intensity Lens. It features very impressive technology.

It is most probably the most advanced IOL on the market today. 

2022 looks very promising, especially with the Intensity Toric coming to the market soon.


Rodolfo Fajardo | Sales and Marketing Director

(Iberia & Latin America)



Intensity – 1080x1080


Summary Of Results Worldwide

We are happy to see more and more surgeons trust Intensity and their feedback is consistent with the results of the clinical research 



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MDSAP Certified !

We are very pleased to announce that Hanita Lenses passed successfully the Medical Single Audit Program (MDSAP)




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