Dear Friends,

We have reached the end of 2021, a year that was both challenging and promising for Hanita Lenses. 

We accepted the new circumstances and adapted new work habits, communicated effectively with our partners worldwide, and attained our business goals.

In Q4 of 2021, we surpassed our expectations. We experienced impressive growth with our innovative Intensity and Intensity Toric technologies. Our strategy to focus on the premium market is gradually paying off.  

In addition, we expanded our global network with two new partners, one in Brazil the other in Chile, launched our new website, obtained the prestige MDSAP quality certification, and advanced our development of Intensity and EDOF technologies with hydrophobic material.   

Finally, our company strategy outlines a deeper presence in leading premium markets; consequently, we have established our very first JV abroad, together with Optimum Vision Care, Hanita Iberica in Spain.     

I have no doubt that 2022 will be an exciting year for Hanita Lenses on all fronts!  Just wait and see...


Yoram Gonen

Yoram Gonen |CEO



Global – 1080x1080

Territorial Review

Michal Snir, Hilton Nathan, Rodolfo Fajardo

Annual summary in our territories




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Intensity – 1080x1080


Summary Of Results Worldwide

We are happy to see more and more surgeons trust Intensity and their feedback is consistent with the results of the clinical research



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