Dear Partners,

Time has passed quickly, and we have now concluded the second quarter of 2021 with the realization that COVID19 still plays a significant role in our personal and business-related day to day activities. In each and every country where Hanita Lenses operates, we have witnessed efforts to return to a normal life, some countries imposing strong and tough measures and others less so. Nobody currently ignores the importance of social distancing, adhering to relevant restrictions, encouraging vaccination especially for the more vulnerable members of society, and controlling and managing the flow of visitors into our countries.

All of these factors have had an impact on the pace and our ability to return to normal life; and in my opinion, they should influence the decision makers in each of our countries.

In our small Hanita ecosystem, we are doing our best to return to the pre-pandemic “status”.  

Although international travel and “live” international congresses are still rare, we finally managed to gather all of you, our partners, for our first distributors’ meeting in two years. It was a great pleasure to see representatives from 40 countries, despite the time zone gaps. I hope you found the presentations and especially the extensive discussion regarding INTENSITY’s clinical outcome to be fruitful and beneficial. Thus far, over 1,500 lenses were implanted by more than 100 surgeons in nine countries.

As with every new and advanced technology, mass implantations lead to new findings and revelations that help to eliminate uncertainty and increase the confidence of users and patient satisfaction.  

While our focus remains on supporting new INTENSITY users, we continue to advance all other R&D projects.  

On the marketing front, we are advancing the rebranding of Hanita Lenses, a well-deserved “face lift” in keeping with our complete focus on advanced and innovative solutions. We hope to reveal this rebranding at the upcoming ESCRS 2021.

I Hope to see you all there


With warm regards,

Yoram Gonen

Yoram Gonen |CEO




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